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6:31 p.m. thoughts (via shortyshank)

I think one of the things I miss the most is how protective you were. I never had felt safer. You did everything to make sure nobody hurt me. You got all the bad things out of my life. You cared for my health. When we were together you always had your hand around my waist. I miss that.

he left on a Wednesday (via alaskayoungsdaisies)

It’s 6:27 on a Thursday morning
I woke up with a knife in my stomach and I’m missing you

It’s 7:39 on a Thursday morning
I pull over on the way to school because I’m crying too much
and I’m missing you

It’s 8:52 on a Thursday morning
I ask to to be excused
How am I supposed to think about
Which constitution was written in 1870 
When all I can think about is the way your lips felt on mine the last time
and I’m missing you

It’s 10:12 on a Thursday morning
I’m killing myself slowly because I keep checking my phone for a text from you
I know it will never come because I’m the one who messed up so now I’m broken
and I’m missing you

It’s 10:50 on a Thursday morning
He sits across from me in this class
He tries asking how I’m doing
I tell him he has to leave me alone because all I can think about is what I’ve done
and I’m missing you

It’s 12:15 on a Thursday afternoon
My best friend takes me to lunch
She holds me while I cry
Through my sobs I hear her say something about her talking to you
She tells you how I’m broken
and I’m missing you

It’s 3:36 on a Thursday afternoon
I feel like a zombie. Lifeless.
I am empty
and I’m missing you

It’s 7:58 on a Thursday evening
My friends try cheering me up
They make me dinner and get me to stop crying but since everything reminds me of you, I’m thinking about our first date and the way you made me laugh over a meal in thinking about the way you made my eyes light up when I spoke
and I’m missing you

It’s 11:56 on a Thursday night
I can’t fall asleep because I’m staring at all the pictures of us in my phone
You’ve infected me
and I’m missing you


the text I didn’t send ( lame-writings )

(Source: lame-writings)

I’m going to regret sending this because this space, this no talking, no midnight texts no afternoon texts, no communication, is healthy. We weren’t good together and its just the truth. We were damaged and we couldn’t love the way we both deserve. I just, it’s driving me crazy not knowing if you’re okay or not. I just want to, need to, fucking know if you’re okay. If you’re breathing or laughing or anything. I’m selfish for this because this can only do harm but I need I need to know that this is good, we are healing. Not breaking.

Words of Heartbreak ii


(via letters-to-the-sea)

Heartbreak is when you wake up at 4 in the morning, tear-streaked and shaken, wondering if the pain will ever stop.

someone who needs your hug (via ithinkiamalive)

Hi okay so i hate promoting myself but what the heck, this is my poetry blog!! Its still a baby and i would super super appreciate it if you could check it out!!! Love u ♡

(via itmetyler)

(via itmetyler)

I love you in a way
that should not be defined
by any given string of words
people can spit out
It is desired forehead kisses
and pillow forts
and breakfasts at midnight
It is a love that tells me you
are tangible happiness
and the epitome
of perfection
and that your hand
should never leave my grasp
Because your smile is sunlight
and your laugh is audible stardust
and both are too valuable to miss
for a second
It is a love that tells me to text you
at 3 AM
when I should be sleeping
but I can’t when I know you’re not
even though I’m not talking to you
It is a love that tells me to miss you
like a caged bird misses the sky
when I hear a song you once sung me
a show we once watched
a book you once mentioned
in one of our night long conversations
that you probably don’t remember
It is a love that tells me to be happy
when you kiss someone else
because you deserve someone
who is tangible happiness to you
more than I do
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